Woman Cutting Fabric
Our Services

Design and Development


Concept Mockups

Tech Pack Creation

Pattern Making

Production Sample

White Label Manufacturing


We confirm product details such as quantities, sizes,

and delivery locations to discuss the production timeline in advance of production to give you a thorough quote.


We will cut and sew your selected garments as well affix all labels onto your garments.

Quality Control

We will inspect each garment prior to final packaging.


We will  package all your garments individually (or as instructed) so they are ready to ship to your customers.


We handle your shipping needs from drop shipping 

to bulk deliveries across the country.


We handle your
shipping needs from
drop shipping to bulk
deliveries across
the country.
Our logistics specialists allow you to focus on your business and not worry about shipping.

Air-Sea shipping

This method of transportation is the ideal match between overall cost savings and reasonable shipping times


1 -2 weeks delivery


 2 day rush shipping available